Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University (Ukraine)
Founded In 1930
Accreditation Level: IV

Educational Subdivisions

Institute of Economics and Business Education and Faculties: Preschool and Special Education; elementary education; arts; social and psychological education; physical education; physics, mathematics and informatics; natural geography; professional and technological education; Ukrainian philology; foreign languages; historical.

Main Directions of Activity

Preparation of specialists on a wide range of pedagogical, economic and engineering-technological specialties (more than 250 educational programs). There are more than 8,500 students studying at the university, 123 doctors of sciences, professors, 549 candidates of sciences, associate professors.

Material and Technical Base

5 educational-laboratory buildings, educational workshops, two student dormitories, agrobiostation, a library, modern reading rooms, 3 language laboratories, 2 student dining rooms, a sports complex, 12 computer classes.

Scientific Infrastructure

3 research centers of double submission (MES and NAPS of Ukraine), 11 scientific-methodical and cultural-educational centers, 25 research laboratories. Postgraduate and doctoral studies are in progress.

Role In MoPED Project

Develop a strategy for disseminating and implementing the MoPED project, information days, round tables and seminars; support for the project website; development of the project sustainability plan; accreditation of 3 developed disciplines in UDPU on the basis of MoPED results, signing of cooperation agreements; distribution of project products and results at the national / international levels through various communication channels; take an active part in the implementation of all project tasks.

Project Contact

Vita Bezlyudna
[email protected]