Precarpathian National University named after Vasyl Stefanyk (Ukraine)
Founded In 1940

Educational Subdivisions

Educational institutes: Educational and Scientific Institute of Art; Educational and Scientific Institute of Law; Kolomyia Educational and Scientific Institute of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University.
Faculties: Economics; Pedagogy; Foreign Languages; Mathematics and Computer Science; Tourism; Physical Education and Sports; Philology; Physics and Technology; Philosophy; Natural Sciences; History, Political Science, and International Relations.
Institute of postgraduate education and pre-university training.
Ivano-Frankivsk College of State Pedagogical University “Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University”

Main Directions of Activity

The mission of the Precarpathian National University named after Vasyl Stefanyk is formed by his historical scientific and pedagogical experience and concentrates the formula: “Precarpathian University – national in spirit, European in content.” By combining the positive experience of the past, the realities of the present and the prospects of the future, the University enriches and protects Ukrainian national culture, language, spirituality, traditions, helps the person to think and act in a state-owned way. The University affirms the right of everyone to participate in a single European educational space, embodying humanistic ideas and spiritual values of modern civilization in all types of activities. The mission of the University is formed on the principles of university autonomy, democratic principles of governance and academic culture. There are approximately 15,000 students studying at the university, as well as 926 scientific and pedagogical staff.

Material and Technical Base

6 sport halls; library with more than 760,000 copies of literature; science and study laboratories; Sport Centre Xabier.

Scientific Infrastructure

Educational and Information Center; Laboratory GameLAB within the framework of the project GameHub; Laboratory based on Faculty of Philosophy within the framework of the project GeSt; Laboratory of gamma resonance spectroscopy from analysis of electron conversion, gamma and X-ray radiation; Scientific Research Center “Nanomaterials in generating devices and the accumulation of energy”(Physics and Technology Faculty); National Scientific Laboratory of Biochemical Ecology (Institute of natural sciences); Information Center of the European Union; NATO Scientific Information and Analytical Center; Educational and Scientific Center for Materials Diagnostics.
On the basis of the Precarpathian National University, an international project for the reconstruction of the Astronomical-Meteorological Observatory on Mount Pip Ivan; On the base of the Astronomical-Meteorological Observatory on Mount Pip Ivan will also be the center of the European Union’s environmental monitoring.

Role In MoPED Project

Grantholder of the project, responsible for the contractual and financial management of the whole project; responsible for analysis of PNU existing curricular, needs and requirements of school sector; participation in EU study visits; development of ICR concept and roadmap; establishment of Innovative Classroom in PNU; training of at least 75 teaching staff lecturers and 50 local primary/secondary school teachers; development of at least 3 new courses and conduct pilot training; modernization of the PNU pedagogical curricular; development and implementation of the intensive professional English course for pedagogical academic staff; participation in the internal evaluation of MoPED outcomes and outputs; working out of the project sustainability plan; DISS of project products and results at the national/international levels using various communication channels; conduction of info-days, roundtable, workshops; support in the development of project dissemination and exploitation strategy plan.

Project Contact

Lyubov Zinyuk
[email protected]