University of Deusto (Spain)
Founded In 1886

Educational Subdivisions

Engineering; Education and Psychology; Social and Human Sciences; Law; Business and Theology.

Main Directions of Activity

The University is focused on the student as a person, bases learning on values, fosters healthy personal and social attitudes, promotes significant independent learning, stimulates thinking, promotes the attainment of academic and professional competences, incorporates ICT in its work, becomes a learning organization, committed to quality service, leads and fosters the development of leadership in instructors and students, values, develops and promotes co-operation and teamwork within its own structures, committed with Society openly, locally and and globally, committed to the quest for peace and justice, concern and engage with the social problems of the underprivileged, both local and globally.

Material and Technical Base

E-Campus, Deusto FabLab, library with 2 billion entities, more than 50 science and study laboratories, Sport Centre Xabier.

Scientific Infrastructure

Deusto International Research School, Tuning Academy, DeustoTech, The Institute of Basque Studies, Institute of Leisure Studies, Human Rights Institute, Institute of Drag Dependents, Centre of Applied Ethics, DeustoPsych, Institute of Cooperative Studies, Orkestra- Basque Institute of Competitiveness.

Role In MoPED Project

Leader of the content development of the project; analysis of EU curricular and best practices in application of modern innovative teaching instruments; training academic staff of the Ukrainian University; blended course on competence building; design pilots at HEIs; development of new courses; consult during pilot; implementation of quality control and monitoring and dissemination action.

Project Contact

Olga Dziabenko