Project Management and Coordination

The WP7 is responsible for management and coordination of the project. It is closely connected with all other WPs and provides a smooth and stable run of the project on different levels, including administrative, financial and qualitative.


  • Setting of project Steering Committee;
  • Registering the project in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;
  • Signing of Consortium Agreement;
  • Establishing financial management;
  • Establishing rules and regulation internally in the consortium, management strategy, based on the guidelines;
  • Establishing/developing easy to use communication channels between partners;
  • Organizing of project coordinating meetings;
  • Preparing and submitting of the progress and final reports;
  • Organizing of the financial audit.

Expected deliverables

7.1. Arrangement of all legal documents (deadline: 31.12.2017).

7.2. Established Steering Committee and management structure (deadline: 31.12.2017).

7.3. Operational management (deadline: 14.06.2021).


Precarpathian National University named after Vasyl  Stefanyk (P1)


University of Deusto (P2)