Dissemination and Exploitation for further Sustainability

Dissemination and exploitation MoPED strategy will be strictly directed to spreading the word about the project successes and outcomes by using various communication channels.


  • Design of MoPED logo;
  • Development and maintenance of project website;
  • Outline project dissemination and exploitation strategy plan;
  • Advertising and distribution of MoPED outcomes and results via various media channels;
  • Providing project information to potential users: publishing informative brochure, folders, articles (at least 5/year) in local media;
  • Providing didactical/methodological materials/info to different target groups;
  • Running 9 info days in each university during the life cycle of the project;
  • Conduction of 1 round table and 1 workshop  per project year by each participating University;
  • Organizing and carrying out project International “Technology& Education in Ukraine” Conference together with master classes;
  • Development of Sustainability plan.

Expected deliverables

6.1. Dissemination Instruments (deadline: 14.10.2020).

6.2. Dissemination info-days, workshops and roundtables (deadline: 05.04.2021).

6.3. International project conference and master classes (deadline: 30.08.2019).

6.4. Accreditation of the developed courses at the University level (deadline: 01.09.2020).

6.5. Developed Sustainability Plan (deadline: 05.04.2021).


Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University (P7)


State Institution “Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University”