Quality control and monitoring to maximize impact

WP5 is devoted to a design and establishment of long term strategy and to tools to accompany the development of the project, to guarantee quality control (and if necessary corrective actions) of processes, resources and outcomes and to collect data for the sustainable continuation after the end of the project. The QC&M will be response on content and project management evaluation. The assessment will be internal using self-evaluation approach and external employing the external evaluation and expert advice.


  • Write Quality Control and Monitoring Plan;
  • Internal monitoring project risks, KPIs and objectives;
  • Work with external expert(s) on the quality evaluation main outcomes of the project;
  • Establish set of evaluation surveys for different audiences: (1) university teaching staff; (2) students; (3) school teachers;
  • Organize the coaching;
  • Produce Final QC&M internal report.

Expected deliverables

5.1. Quality control and monitoring plan (deadline: 30.11.2017).

5.2. 2 External evaluation reports (deadline: 31.01.2019 (1st report), 31.12.2019 (2nd report)).

5.3. ERASMUS+ coaching minutes (deadline: 30.11.2019).

5.4. Final QC&M report (deadline: 05.04.2021).


LLC Quality Ukraine (P10)


UDeusto (P2)