Education resources and their implementation

The WP4 implements pedagogical (WP1) and technical (WP2) design in new courses to modernize the existing curricular at HE partner institutions based on the Ukrainian HE curricular reform and modern trends in European HE sector. Through the pilot action the developed courses will be incorporated in university curricular and evaluated by professional community.


  • Create Pilot/implementation concepts at P1, P5-P9;
  • Designed and developed the MoPED innovative courses;
  • Implement the MoPED education products into UA universities’ curricula (P1, P5-P9);
  • Collect students feedback;
  • Draw up the report on Pilot evaluation.

Expected deliverables

4.1. Plan of implementation established (deadline: 28.02.2019).

4.2. English course adapted for university pedagogical staff (deadline: 31.12.2017).

4.3. 18 developed new courses accredited (deadline: 30.10.2019).

4.4. Courses integrated in the HE curricular (Pilot) (deadline: 31.06.2020).

4.5. Report: Lessons Learned (deadline: 31.03.2021).


University of Deusto (P2)


Precarpathian National University named after Vasyl Stefanyk (P1)