Training for enhancement of professional skills and knowledge

All trainings for the teaching staff as well as school teachers aim to provide necessary methodology, teaching/learning materials to get required knowledge and skills for the development and introduction into curricula of new methodological courses. This idea is the scaffold of the WP3. The training consist of Professional English course for UA HEI, “Learning outcomes and their measurements” blended course, three 5-days workshops delivered by EU partners, and four workshops in each UA HEI organized in-house for university teaching staff and for STEAM teachers of local schools.


  • Criteria for the UA universities’ teachers to form 18 training groups;
  • English course/training for the UA teaching staff;
  • Blended course on “Competence building” for UA teaching staff (Tuning Academia methodology), UDeusto creates and carries out;
  • 3 training workshops conducted by EU partner universities;
  • 2 trainings on institutional level conducted by the UA universities staff that were trained by EU partners;
  • 2 trainings/workshops for school sector by each UA university (in framework of professional development of local/regional school teachers);
  • Evaluation survey of all training workshops;
  • Performing 6 evaluation reports.

Expected deliverables

3.1. English for UA teaching staff (deadline: 30.09.2018).

3.2.Training: competence building and intended learning outcomes measurements (deadline: 28.02.2019).

3.3 3 EU training workshops for UA HEIs (deadline: 31.01.2019).

3.4 Sharing, accelerating & disseminating knowledge (deadline: 30.05.2019).

3.5 6 evaluation reports provided (deadline: 30.06.2019).


Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky Hryhoriy Skovoroda pedagogical University (P6)


University of Cyprus (P4)