Innovative Classroom established

WP2 is devoted to a design and establishment of “Innovative Classroom”, which could be presented as a pedagogical lab divided into several different learning spaces.  Each space highlights a specific area of learning/teaching (create, investigate, develop, present, etc.), supports deeper learning approaches, and helps to rethink changing roles of students and teachers, physical spaces, and resources. The zones reflect what good teaching should be about: being connected, being involved and being challenged as well as form unique way to visualise a new, holistic view on teaching methods, instruments and process as a whole.


  • Development of Innovative Classroom concept based on WP1 outcomes;
  • Internal assessment of 6 ICR Concepts;
  • Conduction of workgroup meeting;
  • Development of ICR Infrastructure, selection and design of zones;
  • Production of the ICR implementation roadmap;
  • Design and conduction of tender procedure;
  • Purchase, instalment and testing of ICR equipment;
  • Building of MoPED education ecosystem.

Expected deliverables

2.1. Developed Innovative Classroom Concept (deadline:  30.09.2018).

2.2. Roadmap of implementation elaborated (deadline:  30.11.2018).

2.3. Established Equipment of ICR (deadline:  31.03.2021).

2.4. MoPED Ecosystem built (deadline:  31.03.2021).


South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky (P8)


University of Cyprus (P4)