EU and UA Pedagogical Higher Education profound analysis and study

WP1 creates the background for the fulfilment of other MoPED WPs. It is concentrated on the extensive and detailed study and analysis of the pedagogy at HE both EU and UA participating Universities. Study shall pay special attention to the contemporary didactic trends in higher education, e.g., inquiry methods, and top-notch ICT teaching tools.


  • Detailed analysis and structured report on the innovative teaching and best practices at consortium Programme Universities;
  • 3 study visits (1 per Programme University): 18 participants (3 participants per each UA University per visiting study) of Partner Universities (P1, P5-P10) to the Programme Universities (P2 – P4);
  • 3D mapping: profound analysis of the Ukrainian pedagogical programs and curricular;
  • Created questionnaires and conducted survey among students, academic staff and school teachers to identify challenges and demands at Ukrainian education system;
  • Organized working group meeting on the discussion of 3D mapping, digital competence teacher profile and analysis of the surveys;
  • Digital competence profile of a future primary/secondary school teacher;
  • Recommendations on the technological and methodological conceptual design of MoPED innovative classroom.


Leader Organisation 

Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University (P5)


Krakow University of Science and Technology (P3)