About MoPED

The MoPED project aims at modernizing curricula for Pedagogical Schools of Ukraine by incorporating new courses of top-notch ICT teaching tools and inquiry methods. By answering the contemporary challenges and requirements, and supporting ambitious large-scale educational reforms in Ukraine, the project will impact the quality of pedagogical higher education and enhance digital and didactic competences of future school teachers.


18 semester’s disciplines are planned to be developed, incorporated into UA pedagogical curricular and accredited at the institutional level;

Training of teaching staff of participating Pedagogical Faculties of Ukrainian Universities;

Established “Innovative Classroom”  in each Ukrainian University as a 21st-Century learning space based on best European practices;

Effective cooperation between EU and Ukrainian pedagogic higher education sector, school teachers and their associations.


A Guideline on building digital competence teacher profile will be developed applying;

Improving English proficiency of the pedagogical teaching staff by introducing intensive online English course;

Acquiring the knowledge and skills required to create a student’s competence profile in new disciplines;

Sharing the knowledge gained from EU partners;

Maximising the MoPED impact on end-user with the MoPED products;

Delivering of project outputs and outcomes with various dissemination channels.

Target Groups

University Teaching Staff

University Students

School Teachers



Regional education departments

City administration

Technical staff 


Other Stakeholders