Lecture-debate «Essence and classification of interactive learning technologies»

There was another innovative session in the discipline «Innovative Technologies in the School Course of Mathematics», which was developed within a framework of the execution of the international grant project (MoPED) –  586098-EPP-1-2017-1-UA -EPPKA2-CBHE-JP, operating within the framework of the EU Erasmus + KA2 programme – development of the potential of higher education.

The session has taken the form of a lecture-debate on the topic «Essence and classification of interactive learning technologies», which contributed to a quick exchange of views and a collective discussion of issues. The session was held based on the Center of Latest Educational Technologies «USPU Ecosystem» with the participation of three teachers, namely the Dean of the Faculty, Professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics and Methodology of Teaching Mathematics Tatiana Mahometa, Professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics and Methods of Teaching Mathematics Tatiana Godovanuuk and Assistant Professor of the same Department Irina Tyagai.

The lecture-debate has contributed to the deepening and broadening of the horizon of interactive learning, the development of active, creative attitude of students to their duties, development of logical thinking. The students have had the opportunity to compare the features of traditional and interactive learning, to examine its types and principles. Having discussed a considerable number of technologies of interactive learning and having found out at what stage of the lesson it is worth introducing a certain technology, students have had an opportunity to be in the role of students during the technology «Cluster».

Much obliged you to all participants of the educational process for their activity during the class!