Dept. of Pedagogy of Primary Education,PNU: seminar

Apr. 26, 2018 the information meeting-training on the project of the EU Erasmus + KA2 – «Modernization of Pedagogical Higher Education by Innovative Teaching Instruments (MoPED)» (№ 586098-EPP-1-2017-1-UA-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP) was conducted at the Department of Pedagogy of Primary Education by the representatives of the academic group of the project.
The head of the academic group of the project, prof. Olena Budnyk in her speech acquainted the listeners with the tasks of the project, new innovative methods of teaching, education resourses in e-learning considering the results of two study visits to the foreign universities. Considerable attention was drawn to the problem of formation of students’ ICT culture. During the mini-training on the subject ”Research methodology of STEAM-learning at the New Ukrainian School”, she also outlined specific tools for online learning, as well as Inquiry Learning Spaces in the Ukrainian language, created in the framework of the project by some teachers and graduates of the PNU ( Associate Professor Tetyana Blyznyuk spoke on the presentation on the topic ”Some instructions for creating new training courses through the prism of the personality of a modern student”. The training conducted was aimed at creating a picture of a student of the XXI-st century and developing a new educational course/university discipline taking into account some significant elements of active teaching/learning. Associate professor Inna Chervinska presented a model of blended learning in a modern institution of higher education, shared her practical experience of using e-learning while studying the course of Didactic with students of the specialty “Primary Education”.
The teachers showed interest in cutting-edge technology teaching for the preparation of a modern primary school teacher, in particular mobile and blended learning technologies. As a result of the discussion, the listeners expressed their desire to engage in a series of activities on the development of methodological recommendations on the use of ICT in the pedagogical process of higher education.